Garden Deli

www.misopeckish.comA road trip to Makara turned out to be a long drive up state highway 1 to Raumati for no apparent reason.      I was getting thirsty so we stopped at one of the local cafes – Garden Deli, which seemed to be very popular with the locals, soaking up some vitamin D on this beautiful sunny winters day.

I actually wanted something to eat but was told the kitchen was closing, and there was nothing in the cabinet that tempted my tastebuds, so I opted for water, while Mr Wasabi ordered a couple of items.

Water – we had to ask for water and the glases that were given to us were both dirty.  I got Mr Wasabi to get another couple of glasses and they were were also dirty.  I was thinking how this cafe could possibly get an A grade rating.   Mr Wasabi started to get annoyed with me that he asked for take coffee cups in order to drink some water.

Mango Smoothie – smoothie was ok. it was thick but the mango flavour tasted artifical to me.   I was not a fan of it, but Mr Wasabi had no issue with it.

Blackberry Cheesecake –  the cheese cake was slightly dry.  there were not many blackberries in it. though I must commend the biscuit base had a good texture where you did  not need to flex your muscles to break into it.  The cheesecake was good but not great.

For something that did not need a lot of preparation, we waited around 20 minutes for the two items to arrive which was very annoying.   As most people had already left the cafe and there were a good handful of staff who could have

Location:  Corner Raumati & Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach, Kapiti Coast, Wellington

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