Havana Bar – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a fair while since we were last here.   Havana Bar is split into two, one side  of the restaurant is the bar area while the other side is the dining area, though you are more than welcome to sit on either side and be served the same foods/drinks.    Havana Bar offers a selection of small and large tapas to share which seems to be a typical theme in Wellington of late.

We ordered a few dishes to share:

Salt Hake Brandade with Crisp Bread  $10 – This dish was described to us as marinated fish brasied in milk then mashed with potato.   When this dish arrived it reminded me from the took and texture to a bacalhau (dry salted cod) that can be served as a piece of fish or pulled that is mixed with a mash.



Pan Seared Squid with Crisp Black Pudding, Potato, Pea Puree & Hot Chilli  $18 – the hot chilli gave the dish a nice kick.  the squid was tender, the black pudding were small broken pieces that were fried till crispy.  there were probably an equal portion of squid to potatoes on the dish, which I did not appreciate, as i would have preferred more squid than potato.



Char Grilled Aged Beef Fillet Skewers, Duck Fat, Thyme & Confit Garlic Butter and Pickled Shallots $21 – very tender and perfectly cooked where it was still pink in the middle.   Definitely went well with the pickled shallots and the sauce.


Roasted Yams and a Wild Thyme Honey Butter with Charred Brussel Sprouts $10 – Was delicious but slightly bit on the oily side.  the brussel sprouts were more like brussel sprout leaves rather than halved brussel sprouts that I had anticipated.  the Roasted yams were sweet, soft and delicious which a nice charred flavour to it.


Flat White – Coffee beans by Havana, a local Wellington coffee roaster.   The coffee itself was slightly bitter, but definitely provided that kick I was after to keep me going for the day.


Great little place that is tucked away from the main thoroughfare, and only those in the know will know about it.   Food is nicely seasoned  with a good array of dishes to cater for all tastes.

Location:  32a – 34 Wigan St, Te Aro, Wellington

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