Istana Malaysia – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comThe one standout item that I can recall when I had last dined here was the Beef Rendang.

Since we had not visited in over a year, Mr Wasabi decided to visit this place again, as we both were finishing work late and could not be bothered to cook at home.

The restaurant was half fill, so we had no issues getting a table.   We ordered a couple of dishes and a couple of sides to accompany the mains.


Beef Rendang –  nice tasty dish  with succulent pieces of beef mixed in a dry coconut paste.  Definitely was the highlight of the evening, and definitely recommend this dish if you do make a visit to Istana Malaysia.

Lamb Murtabak – very heavy and dense.  I had told Mr Wasabi that we had this last time and it was not very good.  He never listened and ordered regardless.   After one bite he said, ‘this isn’t very good is it’.  I rolled my eyes.   The murtabak was served in quarters with a small bowl of watery tasting lamb curry which did not have much flavour to it.

Coconut Rice – was slightly overcooked for my liking but certainly can taste the coconut flavour.  We ordered this to go with the beef redang, but I think normal rice will be more than sufficient.

Garlic Roti – Mr Wasabi always orders roti only if they are made on site fresh.   It was nice and light, though I personally would have preferred plain roti as the garlic was scattered on the top of the roti as opposed within the roti.

Banana Roti – was ok, but not the best.  the banana certainly was sweet but the roti itself was fairly thick, which made this unpleasant.   The banana roti is served with a scoop of ice cream in which we were given forks to eat with.   How on earth do you eat ice cream with a fork?

Service here is extremely slow.  we had to wait more than 30 minutes for our mains to arrive and another 30 minutes for our dessert – roti to be made.   If you are in a rush, I do not recommend this place.  If you do not mind waiting a while and have all the time in the world, then give this place a go.   There are definitely some dishes that are better than others and it is really up to you to decide what you like.   Though I do recommend their beef rendang.

Location:  1 Allen Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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