Arguably the best Agedashi Tofu in Wellington @ Tatsushi

www.misopeckish.comFinishing work fairly late in the evening with lack of food at home, but Mr Wasabi and I decided to grab a cheap bite for dinner.

Having visited a number a places and I being picky ended up saying ‘no’ to at least 2 of the places we stopped at.   We ended up going to Tatsushi, which we have not visited in while, mainly due to the fact that we could not get a table last time.

We ordered a few things, but with my dietary requirements meant there was very little which I could eat and also to say the least there was not much on the menu that tickled my taste buds this evening.

Agedashi Tofu –  this is my favourite place to have agedashi tofu.  It has a sticky, tempura like batter which seems to some sort of starch flour  which makes the coating unique to the other Japanese restaurants in Wellington that serves agedashi tofu.  There are four pieces that make up this little dish and in consumed 3/4 of them without any hesitation.


Large Tempura Plate – consisted of a couple of prawns, white fish and some vegetables.  I basically ate most of the vegetable tempura, as I was not in the mood in eating seafood.   the tempura batter was light and airy and hot as it should be, served with some dipping sauce with some grated daikon.

Salmon Nigri Sushi – Mr Wasabi requested this to be slightly seared, which the staff were more than happy to do.  the salmon was lightly seared on top.

Snapper Chasuke Soup – we had ordered this dish last time we were here, and Mr Wasabi was very impressed with this very simple dish.  with the snapper cooking itself in the hot soup.  However this time round, the snapper was cooked all the way through, as if it was cooked in the pot before it was dished up to us.

Tatsushi is one of my favourite and most authentic Japanese restaurants in Wellington.  If you are looking for authentic Japanese food, then I recommend you make a visit here.  The restaurant is actually owned and run by Japanese people, unlike other Japanese restaurant that are run by Chinese.

Location:  99 Victoria Street, Wellington

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    Are you allowed to eat sashimi now?

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