Weekend Brunch @ Fidels

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a while since I had been out for a brunch at a cafe, and there is no better spot to revive the good old cafe scene than a visit to one of Wellingtons popular cafes – Fidels.  Please see my previous reviews here.

This place is always busy regardless what time of day you visit.  The cafe boasts seating both indoors and out in their small sunny courtyard.

Mr Wasabi and I ordered a couple of dishes .

Sea Salt Caramel Milk Shake –  I have always been meaning to try their milkshakes here, as I have heard a few good reviews of their milkshakes.   The milkshake had very little caramel flavour and could not even taste the salt.   even though the milkshake was creamy, I found that it had no flavour to it, except a milky flavour.


Number 1 Special Juice – Apple, Pear, Kiwifruit & Lime  – was fairly tart after I had a few sips of my milk shake, though was certainly a refreshing drink.


Cubano Sandwich – toasted sandwich, buttered, grilled and served with shoestring fries. Free range ham, slowed pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard mayo  I managed swap the shoestring fries with wedges which done without any issues.  the sandwich was good but was not as tasty as the one I had in Dunedin at Marbecs Foodstore.


Baked Eggs – free range eggs with crispy potatoes, free range bacon, sofrito beans & smoked brinza cheese cooked under the grill – was fairly dry.   The eggs itself was over done to the verge of it being cooked right through.  My previous experience


Flat White – Coffee beans by Havana.  Generally this type of beans is quite a dark/bitter brew, however this also comes down how the Barista makes the coffee and Fidels is one of a few cafes in Wellington that makes a good brew.

Food took a while for it to arrive, I guess that is partly due to the baked eggs taking some time to cook.  We informed one of the staff members that the baked eggs were over done, and suggested to offer us another one, but Mr Wasabi declined, due to the limited time we had.

Location:  234 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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