Louis Sergeant – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a long time since I was last here, partly due to the fact that every time I come, its always pack with the lunch time rush or the the item that I am after has sold out for the day – primarily the almond croissant.

Almond Croissant –  you can ask for these delicious sweet patisserie to be warmed, and no it is not warmed in the microwave, but in the oven  that gives the pastry that nice flaky yet crunchy texture as if it just came out of the oven. Good amounts of almond meal stuffed inside the croissant with sliced almonds on the top.


Grilled Hallourmi w Carmelised fig baguette –  I love french breads where the outside tends to be fairly chewy with a soft centre. only two slices of halloumi made it to my baguette, but it was a good thing to check and know what I was expecting in my baguette as I had noticed there were no sign of the caramelised fig, which was the reason why I decided to have this baguette.  I commented to one of the wait staff, telling them I cannot see any figs in my baguette. they immediately took my sandwich and returned with with figs.  clearly they had forgotten to add the figs in.


L’Emotion – is the new addition to the already eye catching cabinet of sweet patisserie at Louis Sergeant.   Which is a lychee mousse with hazelnut dacquoise, praline and fresh raspberries in the centre.  The lychee mousse had a very subtle lychee flavour.


I was hopping that the mouse would pack a good punch of lychee as I love lychee.  The hazelnuts dusted in this gold texture provided good attention to detail..  the mousse sits on top of a couple of layers of hazelnut sponge.  The raspberries are very few and far which provides a grainy texture to the mousse.


Food is good and seldom fails to impress me, though on this occassion omitting one of the listed ingredients from my baguette was very poor esspeically for the fact that they were not very busy at the time I had visited.  Will I return again?  Yes I would, one fault should not hinder mine or your decision to come here, as Wellington is in need of somewhere decadent to enjoy those naughty moments when we are craving that sweet little something.

Location:  146 Featherston Street, Wellington

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    Love Louis Sargeant although not sure I would visit for lunch

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