Fishermans Plate – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a while since I was last here craving for some good MSG free pho.   Wanting something light for lunch as I had been under the weather and having lost my appetite for the past few days.  Please check my previous review here.

Rare Beef with Thick Rice Noodle Soup – nice depth of flavour in the broth, with good amounts of rare beef, which cooked itself in the hot broth if you dunked it under the broth.

Char Grilled Pork and Spring Roll on Vermicelli Noodles – The char grilled pork had very little taste, the meat was awfully fatty and found it lacking flavour.

Personally, if I were to get grilled pork on rice vermicelli noodle, I would recommend getting it from Nam D where they alternate between lemon grass chicken and pork on a weekly basis.  In saying that I will still return for some good authentic pho at reasonable prices.

Location:  12 Bond Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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4 Responses to Fishermans Plate – Take 2

  1. Jack says:

    Is that all you have to say. I am rather disappointed with this blog entry today.

  2. charlie says:

    under the weather? what do you meen?

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