Arashi Kushiyaki Bar

www.misopeckish.comThe last time we had visited this place was excess 10 years ago before we left for London.   I thought we should give this place another try to see how they rated with the other Japanese restaurants that we normally frequent.

Arashi has a small number of tatami tables at the front of the restaurant while more normal seating in terms of tables at the back.  We opted for the tables  to avoid getting pins and needles from sitting on the floor.

As usual, Mr Wasabi and I ordered a few dishes to share.

The service is not the fastest here. even though there were excess of 3 waiters on the floor running back and forth from the kitchen

Agedashi Tofu – 3 freshly cooked crispy tofu squares with a couple of bento flakes placed on top swimming in a soy based sauce.  The sauce itself would have to be one of the worst I have had – very salty

Gyu Tataki – Looked perfectly cooked, where the beef is rare in the middle and lightly seared on the outside.  However being a scotch fillet it was fairly gristle. than something that would melt in your mouth.

Tonkatsu Set – thin Crispy pork cutlet with tonkatsu sauce drizzled on top.  I was wishing there was more sauce to be honest, like what they serve you in Japan.  This was not the case.  the Miso soup lacked flavour and was fairly watery.

Sirloin Beef – we ordered one normal and one well done.  when it arrived to the table I had asked the staff member which beef was the well done piece.  I was told that they were both well done. and I told them that we wanted one of each.  the waiter  informed us that they will do another one.  I did not enjoy the sauce that was put on it.  it was fairly runny and lacked flavour.  I did notice that the sauce is warmed in the mircowave.

Chicken and Spring Onion – small bits of spring onion placed in between the chicken pieces.  I did not enjoy the sauce that was smeared on, it was fairly runny and lacked flavour.

Tuna w Wasabi Sauce – Mr Wasabi had ordered this to be rare, unfortunately it was fully cooked, dry and had no flavour.   The skewers to me did not look like tuna at all.

The food is fairly expensive and not very tasty.  It does not help when you know the chefs are Chinese, hence the intense use of soy sauce in the sauces making the various sauces fairly spicy.

I do not think I will be returning anytime soon.  There are far better Japanese restaurants to dine at in Wellington.

Location:   41 Courtenay Place, Wellington

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