Ironic @ Toitū Otago Settlers Museum

www.misopeckish.comWe were visiting the Otago Setters Museum after having just come from brunch at Marbecs.  I had no intentions of having something at Ironic @ Toitu.   Though partway through my visit  I started to feel unwell, that I had to sit for an hour or so before I got slightly better, and it was not until then that I started to feel thirsty.    Mr Wasabi suggested that I should take a break at the cafe for a drink.

What was on offer at Ironic @ Toitu were prepared counterfood that included, sandwiches, wraps, freshly baked scones and muffins and tea and coffee.

Mr Wasabi ordered me a lemon, hone & ginger tea, thinking at the ingredients will relieve my pain.

Lemon Honey & Ginger Tea – was more like a very sweet lemon, honey and vanilla tea.  which was served with a pot of hot water, just of the lemon, honey and ginger syrup.

It was quite nice but felt it was just a sugar syrup to be honest.  Though in hindsight it did make me feel better. maybe it was either due to a slight dehydration of low in sugar.

Though after a leisurely cup of tea, I did feel much better.

Location:  31 Queens Gardens, Dunedin

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