Crepes at Cafe Breton

www.misopeckish.comCafe Breton is another French Cafe in Wellington located in the heart of the CBD.  As to be expected when you walk into a French cafe, you would expect to see a number of French patisseries and Cafe Breton is no exception.  Please see my previous review here.

Wanting something slight different for lunch from the usual sushi, or Chinese we decided to head to Cafe Breton.  Mr Wasabi and I ordered a crepe each.  We waited for quite a long time for our dishes to arrive which was starting to annoy me as we only had an hour for lunch.

Gallette of the day – sausage, bacon, ham served with a side of salad.  The gallettes were made with buckwheat.  I personally wa expecting the gallettes to be filled with the savoury items listed but this was not the case. the savoury items were placed on the side with an accompany honey mustard sauce.  the buckwheat crepe was thin and soft.

Crêpe Beurre Sucre – I just wanted 1 but Mr Wasabi insisted I order 3 of them for $10. Knowing him, he probably did his calculations in his head that it was cheaper to buy 3 rather than 1 for $5.  3 large thin layers of crepes filled my plate accompanied with 3 wedges of lemon which was just enough lemon juice for one wedge per crepe.  As plain as it may be, I personally was not intereted in crepes today, but Mr Wasabi wanted it.  It was good but not the best.

Not the most value for money lunch, though enjoyable enough.  Crepes are not as filling as you’d hope, so do not expect to be fill when you order a crepe but

Location:  20 Brandon St, Wellington

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