Ministry of Food Cheese Scones

www.misopeckish.comI had always wanted to try Ministry of Food’s cheese scones, as I have heard many people say their cheese scones are very good, but never had the opportunity partly due to the fact that I  am too lazy to walk up Bowen Street to visit Ministry of Food.   However hearing that Atlanta Cafe on the Terrace is now operated by Ministry of Food I decided to walk by to give these scones a try.

Cheese Scone – Small square shaped cheese scones that looked over cook.   The scones had a chewy texture which I found to be fairly dry.

Good amount of cheese when you cut through it but found it very doughy, dense and chewy.

Date Scone – over baked, very crunchy including the dates itself.   Though I must admit even though I like my scones to be soft and warm, I found it very pleasant to have the date scone as is, the down side to having it cold is that it is fairly crumbly.   Having the dates over cooked meant that the dates were quite chewy.

My personal preference is for a light airy cheese scone with good amounts of cheese in it.

unsure why many people say these cheese scones are good,  as I certainly think Pravda cheese scones are better, larger, fluffier.   I found that I needed something else afterwards as I did not find it very filling.

Location: 105 The Terrace, Wellington

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  1. Mardi says:

    Each to their own, the density and bite are what make them unique, Govt workers go-to, love the MOF cheese scone!!

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