Airline Lounge Review: Air New Zealand Auckland Regional Lounge – Auckland Domestic Terminal

www.misopeckish.comThe newly opened Auckland AirNZ regional lounge is a vast improvement to the Christchurch regional lounge express.   It is in fact a private closed off area that has its own coffee barrister a smaller selection of foods than the main Koru lounge in Auckland.

As you enter, there is an AirNZ desk, which is sometimes manned, on this occasion there was no one there.

In order to get into  the lounge you are required to scan your boarding pass and punch in a code in order for the door to open.

The lounge is in a long rectangular shape where you are first greeted with a few seating options and beyond that is the coffee barrister.

The lounge is light and airy with an assortment of seating for dining, couches to relax on and bench style seating along the window.

One of the highlights is the coffee barrister that makes coffee to order, there is also a selection of foods available throughout the day that changes according to meal time.

The only downside is that lack of toilet facilities (i.e. non existent) where you need to exit the lounge in order to use the toilets in the public area.

There is a small selection of magazines and newspapers



Amenities:  Free Wifi,  Business Centre (PC’s only),  newspapers and magazines, coffee barrister and selection of foods.

Hours:  0530 until the departure of the last flight

Location:   Regional departures end of the terminal

Verdict:  This regional lounge is a much higher nice and more private than the regional lounge in Auckland.  I am more than happy to use this lounge if I was travelling to the regional cities from Auckland (which I seldom do)

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  1. Jon says:

    no toilets – what were they thinking?

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