Etrusco at the Savoy

www.misopeckish.comI had originally booked somewhere else for dinner, when I had asked Mr Wasabi at the time whether he wanted to go to my originally booked place he said ‘up to me’  So I went ahead to book it.   But on the day of our booking he said he wanted something simple for dinner,  this was where we ended up at Etrusco.  An Italian restaurant serving pizza and pasta, which apparently is the best Italian restaurant in Dunedin.

We did not make a booking but was told we should be able to get a table if we came around 8.30pm.   Unfortunately the waiter was wrong as we had to wait for a short period of time for a table to  become free.

The ambiance was very loud wit both large and smaller groups.   Wood paneling can be seen on the walls and in the middle of the dining room lies the bar which took up a lot of space.

We ordered a pasta and pizza dish to share.   Though Mr Wasabi was thinking that we should order 2 small pasta dishes and a pizza.  Though I told him that if he was feeling hungry afterwards, then he should order the other pasta dish then.

I am always dubious about pasta, whether it is made in-house or store brought dried pasta.   I was told it was store brought dried pasta and the pizza bases were made in house.   I am not a huge fan of dried pasta and for an Italian restaurant I would expect it to have fresh house made pasta.

Cinghiale O Cervo – Wild boar or wild venison sauce with porcini mushrooms, tomato and Montepulciano wine, served on farfalle.  Chunks of tender venison on a tomato sauce which contained bits of mince venison.  The pasta was good but not great.   The ragu was nicely seasoned, and Mr Wasabi thought the dish was alright.
Salsiccia – Tomato base, cheese, capers, salami, sausage, mushroom, artichokes and rosemary.   When the pizza came out, I quickly realised that the pizza based was not made in house.  It had a perfect circular edge which you cannot do if it was hand stretched in house, and if it was there should have been bubbles through the base of the pizza.  This was completely flat like the ones you purchase from  your local supermarket.   The filling was typical Kiwi style pizza where the toppings were piled onto the pizza where you could no longer see the base.   The cheese was not stretchy was you would expect from mozzarella.  Even though I enjoyed the toppings, I found this pizza to be less than average and not very authentic at all.

We were asked by several waiters how we found our meal… I was struggling to say it was ‘ok’ even though it was a lie.   Would I return again?  Very unlikely.   I was definitely was not satisfied after the pizza.   the quality of the ingredients were below par.  Have definitely been to better, more authentic Italian restaurants in my time.

Service was exceptionally slow where I nearly feel asleep at the table for our meals to arrive.

Location:  8 Moray Place, Dunedin

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