www.misopeckish.comThis is an accumulation of a number of visits to this fabulous Japanese restaurant.

My first outing was last year for lunch.  half of the all blacks team were also dining here which made for great eye candy.    The food is quite authentic.

Service is a bit of a hit and miss who are usually students who know nothing about Japanese food nor the menu. I had to asked twice what the char Siu men was, whether it was ramen or not  one stated it was soba, and another person said they did not know but will get back to me on it.

Agedashi Tofu – I am use to agedashi tofu that is served in some dashi stock.  this was not the case for the agedashi tofu here, it has very little broth/sauce but certainly what was there was tasty.  the tofu itself had a thin crispy layer batter around the tofu.


Mixed Seafood fry Bento box –  all come with miso soup, rice with shitake mushrooms, vegtables and chicken bits, pickled vegetabes and your choice of a main, which I choose the mixed seafood which consists of  prawn, fish and squid in japanese panko bredcrumbs.



Soba with Tempura.  Broth was not very nice as it was basically soy sauce

had asked for the tempura to be put on the side as I did not want it to go soggy when it was put in the soup.


ChaShu Men – also known as ramen,  was ok,  the chashu  were thinly sliced , noodles were slightly over done, the broth did not have as much depth of flavour as I had anticipated.   Do not think I will need to order this dish again.




Chicken Katsu Curry – Crispy, tender deep fried chicken strips served with Japanese curry and rice.  There is something so welcoming  to this meal especially on a cold day.


In the past, I have had good experience at this place, but after this last visit I am rethinking whether it is as good as I remember.    All I can say is that I will not be in a rush to come back the next time I am in Dunedin.   That aside, the meals are value for money.

Location:  133 Stuart Street, Dunedin

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