Ironic Cafe

www.misopeckish.comIronic Café won the best café of the year award in 2014 by Restaurant Association of New Zealand.   I was keen to give this place a go to see what made this café so good  to win this award.  Located near Dunedin’s historic railway station is known locally for its fresh flavours.

Located near Dunedin’s historic railway station, Ironic Cafe is known locally for its fresh flavours.

There was very little on the menu that tickled Mr Wasabi’s tastebuds, but managed to force him to come along.

Berry Smoothie – delicious mixed berry smoothie made from yoghurt topped off with crushed berries on top.  The smoothie itself had the right texture and flavours, slightly thick but not too sweet nor too tart.

Salmon Salad – hot smoked salmon, radish, cucumber, kumara & spinach hash cake, citrus crème.  The salmon had lacked seasoning.  When I attempted the salad, I nearly choked to death with regards to the amount of vinaigrette that was used,   When I had asked the waitress about the salmon they mentioned it was a large piece of fillet,   What actually arrived was a match box sized salmon.   I was mislead on its size. and for the price I paid, found it relatively expensive.

Signature Dish Spring Brunch Stack – Poached eggs, sautéed green beans, avocado mousse with Chorizo sausage.  Sausage was one of those precooked  Helliers sausage that you get from the supermarket.  Not very tasty at all. the beans were water logged and all you can taste is water.  the eggs were nicely packed but it needed some freshly cracked pepper but all that was aaibly

I cannot see how this café won the Supreme Best Café of the year for  2014.  Food is pretty average which lacked the most important thing of all – seasoning.  The menu was not very interesting,  serving mainly your usual eggs.

Would I return again? unlikely and probably would not recommend this place either, as there are nicer cafes in and around Dunedin.

Location:  9 Anzac Avenue, Dunedin

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