L'AsssietteL’Assiette is a small slightly cosy, yet laid back French Bistro that serves a selection of food made to order from the menu and a small selection of sweet and savoury patisserie that are made inhouse as well as crepes and gullets.

It is regarded as one of the top 50 cafes by Metro Magazine. But found this place to be a convent place to wait for Mr Wasabi while he got a back massage close to Britomart

My preference was to order a crepe however neither of the flavours were to my liking. and comparing it to the prices from crepes a Go Go, these crepes were relatively expensive.

I ended up ordering an almond croissant since I was denied my almond croissant fix from Le Cicagle french market earlier in the day as I could not justify buying 3 croissant related items, of which 2 of them was what Mr Wasabi wanted.

Almond Croissant  was asked if i wanted to croissant to be warmed.. and of course without a second I would say ‘yes’ as it is always more flaky and crispy that if you had it at room temperature.  the croissant itself had a good layer of flakiness to it. which I liked.  However the almond creme was quite runny when it was warmed which caused a bit of mess when I tried to eat it.  Though had a good amount of sliced almonds on top.

L'Asssiette - Almond Croissant

I am more than happy to return again for get my French fix

Flat White – Altezano Brothers coffee beans are used here.   Each coffee that you order comes with a Herseys Kiss which is nice touch, as not many cafes would provide you with that free something.  Coffee was good but not great, but certainly drinkable.

L'Asssiette - Flat White

Macaroon – these woudl have to be one of the better macaroons I have tasted in New Zealand.   Not online iare the almon casings crispy and crunch the filling is smooth and delicate but not to sweet.

L'Asssiette - Macaroon

Good little cafe if you are opting for somewhere more quiet without the crowd or the noise. Serving a selection of delicious counterfood as well as food cooked to order.

Location:  9 Britomart Place, Auckland

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  1. Ben says:

    Why Don’t you give mr wasabi a massage? You should try every almond croissants

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