Canton Grill Seafood Restaurant – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comI thought I might make an effort to review Canton Grill Seafood Restaurant as I frequent this place a lot. Though I have not dined here, I have been in to get takeaways, specially for their roast meats, which I think are good value for money.   Please check out my previous review here.

The restaurant is very typical Cantonese restaurant  that serves roast meats where you can see the roasted meats hanging behind a glass window.

Char Sui – you can opt to have fatty or non-fatty meat.  I always opt for the non-fatty stuff and every time my mum accompanies me she always looks at me with a disdained look.   As most Chinese people would opt for the fatty bits as it is not as dry and tastier.  It must be the ‘kiwi’ inside of me that turned me into what I am now.  The char sui is more on the honey bbq marinade rather than the five spice marinade which I prefer.  When you order take away, you can opt for it to be chopped or as a whole.   I have taken away both and much prefer it chopped as you can ask for some juice to be poured over your chopped pork, to keep it moist.  if you take it away whole, it is wrapped in newsprint paper, which will soak up some of the moisture making it ever so slightly drier.   The char sui does not last very long, as soon as we get home Mr Wasabi would tend to open the contain and sneak a few bits as a ‘snack’ and before you know it, most of it has disappeared.

This is good warmed in the microwave or as is (at room temperature).  and definitely keeps well over night in the fridge.

Roast Duck – if you not a master at chopping meat, you can opt to have the duck chopped for you or you can take it away whole.  Just like the Char Sui, if you take it away whole, it is wrapped in newsprint paper.   I tend to have this kept whole as I know I would not be eating a whole duck in one go.  I tend to cut it in half, put half in the freezer and keep the other half out.   If I want to eat it up i just wrap the half in tin foil and then throw it in the oven to crisp up.

The duck generally comes with some home made plum sauce, which is sweet but tart at the same time and goes well as a ‘dipping’ sauce for your duck.

Roast Pork – You can a good roast pork from a not so good one by the crackling and the fattiness of the pork.  Even though Chinese people like fat, they don’t generally like fatty roast pork, but then they do not want a 100% lean piece of pork either.    I on the other hand like my BBQ Pork like mine lean with a very light, airy and crunchy crackling.   Depending how I feel at the time I either get it chopped or as a whole piece.  Whole piece allows me to warm and crisp up the crackling at home by throwing the piece of pork back in the oven.   Most of the roast pork that we have ordered have generally been fairly lean.  with some fat pockets which you can easily spit out if you do not want to eat it.

Roast duck here is fairly cheap when compared to Wellington prices.  I can not say I am an expert in saying this is Auckland best roast duck, but I certainly like this roast duck and it’s price point which draws me back overtime I am want to take some roast meats back home.

Dear reader, have you had any good roast meats in Auckland or Wellington?  which places would you recommend?

Location:  440 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland

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