Kam’s Roast Goose

Kams Roast GooseI am such a huge fan of Roast Goose and having read that a new store had opened holding a Michelin star near Wan Chai at an affordable price and I knew I had to go there to see for myself. Inevitably every foodie tourist  who visits Hong Kong would most likely have Yung Kee Restaurant on their must visit list or at least have heard of it as selling one of Hong Kong’s best roast goose.

Kam’s have been open for a  couple of years now and have managed to gain a Michelin star which Yung Kee had never achieved.

Roast Goose w Rice Vermicelli noodle soup – Broth was light bur fairly oily as the goose was thrown on top of the rice noodle.

Kams Roast Goose - Roast Goose w Rice Noodle

The goose itself was fairly lean, but found the meat to be sightly tough and dry.  the skin  had no flavour to it.  it came with some boiled chi sum.  which still had a good bite to it as expected.

2 Choice Roast Meat






BBQ Pork – tender, sweet, succulent and fairly lean, the BBQ Pork was marinated with 5 spice which you can clearly taste

Roast Goose – as above

Choi Sum – I needed some plain vegetables. and Choi sum was jsut the thing to fill that void.   Perfectly cooked with a bite to it that is served with a bit of oyster sauce.



Milk Tea – sweet cold and not drowning in condense milk. good Hong Kong style milk tea in which I have had in a long time.    It is similar to the milk tea that you get in Malaysia.


Lemon Tea – sweet, cold and refreshing which is a nice thirst quencher on a hot day


To be honest I am unsure why this was awarded a Michelin Star.. I did not find the goose to be that tasty, or had their standards drop after winning the award?

Location:  226 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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