SimplyLife – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comI do not know why it just so happens that most of the time when we are at Pacific Place doing a spot of shopping that  we always end up going to SimplyLife for a spot of coffee and this time in Hong Kong is no exception.   Feeling a bit tired, rundown and thirsty Mr Wasabi suggested we should get a coffee and a light snack.  We both did not want Starbucks coffee nor Holly Brown as they were not offering a lot, so we ended up heading to SimplyLife.

SimplyLife is part of the Maxim’s group, which I try to avoid but sometimes you just got to go.

Flat White Coffee – comes as a single shot espresso as standard.   A double shot is extra.  Mr Wasabi requested the standard single shot.     I personally found the coffee to be weak.  But was good enough for Mr Wasabi to satisfy his coffee craving.

I opted for water.  There were a number of glass bottled water int he centre of the cafe where I told Mr Wasabi to get a couple of glasses and a bottle of water.  Just as he picked up the bottle of water, one of the waitress took it off him and delivered the glasses to us and filled our glasses, but she took the bottle of water away with her.  What annoyed me is that our water never got filled up, and I was wondering why they could not give us the bottle of water.

Blueberry Cheesecake – it is one of those desserts where it actually looks better than it tastes.   Very very creamy cheesecake which I did not enjoy so much.  But it was good to seethe use of fresh whole blueberries thrown on top and within the cheesecake.  Though like most other European desserts that you find in Asia, it is heavily loaded with cream.

If you want a coffee, perhaps some afternoon tea to go with it and a break from your shopping, then I would recommend giving this place a try.  They do not make the best coffees in Hong Kong but is palatable and the fact that they offer a selection of sweet and savoury counterfoils and cooked food to order.

Location: Shop B05-06, 1/F, LAB Concept, Queensway Plaza, 93 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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