www.misopeckish.comFor the past 20 odd years I must have been walking around Napier with my eyes closed.  It was not until my recent visit that I saw Chantel, a wholefood organic store with a cafe attached to it.

The cafe looked pleasing especially after seeing smoothies, ice coffee, iced chocolate and ice mocha for $5 each.

Mr Wasabi and I decided to grab a coffee after our large Indian meal where as usually Mr Wasabi ordered more than we could possibly eat.

Chantel offers a selection of sweet and savoury counterfood item as well as a small selection of food made to order.

Iced Chocolate – trying to cut back on my coffee intake, I decided to order a iced chocolate for a change, informing the staff that I wanted trim milk, but having been told they only use one product, which is a locally produced milk that is not homogenized which means the milk has a layer of cream at the top (similar to the silver top milk that you can get at the supermarket).  the ice chocolate was fairly creamy and awfully sick that both Mr Wasabi and I failed to finish it.

Flat White – Coffee beans by Flight Coffee, a Wellington based coffee roaster.  was served with a pattern at the top which I have not seen before.   the use of the this homogenised milk made the coffee fairly creamy.

Good little cafe serving delicious coffee.  Would definitely be back for a good coffee/iced milk drink.

Location:  45 Hastings St, Napier

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