www.misopeckish.comI have always heard great reviews about this place, even from one of my ex colleagues who is also Indian who had visited  a few months back saying he ate at this Indian restaurant in Napier and definitely recommend it.

We popped in for lunch which had a short lunch opening time from 12-2.30pm.   I was thinking that we may need to make a reservation as it could get quite busy.   This was not the case.  we arrive around 1pm to an empty restaurant which Mr Wasabi and I were both skeptical – usually an empty restaurant tends to mean ‘not so good’.  We bit our bottom lips and decided to head on in.

We were able to choose our own seats, in which I choose to sit in a booth.  The menus immediately arrived just after we had made ourselves comfortable.   The menu was fairly extensive and was not limited to their lunch menu, as I wanted something more as I had eyed up on their tandoor (grill meats).

What makes this Indian restaurant so special is that they cook their meats over a charcoal grill as opposed to electric or gas, providing that extra charcoal flavour to the meats.

As usual we order a few dishes to share.

Mixed Tandoor Platter for two – consisted of a lamb chop, lamb shish kebab, peppered chicken, chicken tandoor, lamb xxxx, chicken drum stick…  *Mr Wasabi Recommended Dish*


Chicken Tikka Masala – I do not tend to order this as this is very similar to Butter Chicken, but was talked into ordering this dish by Mr Wasabi due to the fact that  the chicken would be cooked in a charcoal tandoor.

Paneer Cuture – Cottage cheese naan with a sprinkling of corriander.  The naan itself was not as soft nor fluffy as the ones you find at Bhalti House it was thinner and more crispy with less filling.

Garlic Naan – not very garlicy  and the naan was  fairly thin for a naan.    We originally tired to order the paneer cuture in stead of hte garlic naan, as we were willing to pay the different but the staff did not let us.   This came standard with the Chicken Tikka Masala lunch special curry  as part of a ‘combo’.

Great tasty restaurant with a good selection of dishes to choose from and most of all the meat is cooked over charcoal giving that delicious charcoal flavour to the meats.  I would recommend coming here with a larger group so that you can order more items to try them out.  But no doubt would still recommend this place even if there is just two of you – decision making will be hard.

Location:  24a Hastings St, Napier

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