Kohi Beach Cafe

www.misopeckish.comSometimes I find it very hard to find a place in which Mr Wasabi would approve of for brunch where it served more interesting things other than eggs.

I bit my tongue and suggested we go to Cafe on Kohi, which is the sister restaurant of Takapuna Beach Cafe, St Heliers Bay Bistro and Rosies where we have yet to be disappointed.

Koh Beach Cafe offers a small selection of sweet and savoury countered items which look decadent.


I thought that we would not be able to get a table but managed to get one without  any issues.

We ordered a couple of drinks and a  dish each.

Vanilla Honeycomb Milk Shake –  is made from their own vanilla bean gelato.  The milkshake had quite a strong flavour of honey which was different but welcoming, making the milkshake slightly sweeter than usual.  It was pretty good that I managed to slurp it down in record time before our dishes arrived.  I just wish that the serving size was twice as large.


Pear and Ginger Juice – strong ginger flavour which was very refreshing.



Eggs Benedict w Bacon – as you will be aware my mum is a huge fan of eggs Benedict.   If it is on the menu, no doubt she will order it .   The egg was perfectly poached where it was slightly runny.  the bacon was air cured which meant it was a nice dry bacon, not one of those cheap bacon cuts that leaves a lot of liquid in the pan when you cook certain bacon.  The bacon lacked the smokey flavour that I was expecting.


Wagu Shortrib w polenta and gremolata – deliciously braised, tender short rib which is one of my favourite meats.   the inclusion of polenta provide the dish with the much needed oomp to full me up for the day.  After a few mouthfuls of the short rib, I ended up finding that it was a bit too salty. The dish was accompanied by some beetroot, fennel and micro green salad.  Due to my dietary requirements I opted to leave the salad alone.


Smoked Fish, Poached Egg, Salsa Verde and Ciabatta – Mr Wasabi was not feeling very hungry and had opted to get a couple of sides instead.  however one of the waiters somehow convinced Mr Wasabi that he should try this dish as it was one of Kohi Beach Cafe’s most popular dishes.  for someone who was not very hungry  must have certainly  love the dish.  as there was nothing left on the plate.   Eating the smoked trivially and the ciabatta alone, Mr Wasabi was complaining that it was fairly dry, until he broke the poached egg, where the yolk provided that extra sauce that the dish needed.   which left him  complain that another egg was  required.   The waiter did mention afterwards that he would recommend two eggs but after Mr Wasabi intentionally told him that he was not hungry the waiter decided not to say anything.


Good little cafe with views overlooking the Kohimarama beach serving up delicious food and great friendly service where the staff actually know the dishes in which is being sold.  It is always good to see that the staff know what the dishes taste like.

Location: 237 Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama, Auckland

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