Gina’s Italian Kitchen

www.misopeckish.comIf you are looking for some Italian cuisine in a quiet setting, on a Friday or Saturday evening, then do not bother about going to this place.   One of my cousins who is getting married had her Hen’s party here.  I was taken back by the number of groups that had made reservations here for their hen’s party.   The Saturday evening that we were here, there were 4-5 other Hens party.

We all decided to go for a la carte as most of us did not want 3 courses.

Fettuccine con Capasante e Pistacchio –  Tossed with butter-fried scallops & pistachio pesto topped with Italian parsley & lemon.  This dish was pretty average to say the least.   The scallops did taste very fresh and the fact the roe part of the scallop had been destroyed.   The pasta itself was over cooked and a bit too soft for my liking.

Pollo e Sesamo – Grilled & marinated lemon chicken thigh served on fresh leaf salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes & sesame seeds with balsamic vinaigrette –  good sized salad .  The chicken was succulent but the piece that I tried w as full of fat which I spat out.    Nothing overly exciting about this dish as I could make this at home.

Primavera Bianca – Mozzarella base topped with prosciutto crudo, rocket & parmesean cheese – I had asked if they can put some truffle oil over the top of the pizza, the waiter said they would check with the kitchen.   I never heard back.  But I did notice when the pizza arrived, some olive oil was poured on top, I was a bit disappointed that they could not put truffle oil as requested.   The pizza base was nice and thin, I just hate thick pan bases, as you end up eating bread.

Gnocchi Ramona –  Hand-made gnocchi with pan-fried prawns & scallops in a rich tomato & cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese.  Good amount of prawns and scallops in this dish but I do not prescribe to using parmesan on a seafood pasta dish.  It is a no no, which I had learnt from an Italian friend of mine.  But I presume this is to cater towards the local tastebuds.  The sauce was a thick tomato sauce which clearly had a lot of cheese in it as it was thick and light.

If you are wanting to have a quiet dinner, do not bother coming in on a Saturday evening, this place would be in undated with multiple hens party in which the restaurant can get fairly noisy.   In saying that, Gina’s offers a good selection of pasta, pizza, antipasto and mains to cater for a range of taste buds.

Location:  161 Symonds Street, Auckland

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8 Responses to Gina’s Italian Kitchen

  1. Mariabella says:

    Cool review, this place always seems so busy when I go past.
    I’ve heard that the waiters walk around in g-strings. Did you get any photos?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Wow… I totally missed out if they did wear G-strings.. :p
      they were only topless. Yes I took some pictures of the topless waiters… But will not be publishing them due to ‘other people’ in the picture remaining anonymous.

      • Mariabella says:

        Topless! Wow! I gotta organise a girls night there soon!;)
        I hoped you kept your hands to yourself, because I certainly won’t!

        • MisoPeckish says:

          haha was struggling too.. and most of all the topless males body were pretty ‘buff’ :) definitely you should organise a girls night…. apparently if you do this set menu you can get pizzas in the shape of a P**is. haha

          • Mariabella says:

            I love pizzas, I’d definitely order large as I like mine really big. In fact I think I’ll go this weekend.

          • MisoPeckish says:

            haha your funny!.. but I think its for a special group menu.. unless your going with your girls? best to check with the restaurant first just in case

  2. Marian says:

    Their meals look amazing. I have looked up their website and I am not sure what you mean. Their website looks like their meals are very authentic. I plan to take my mother inlaw as she loves italian. I always trust your comments regarding foods you have tried and go to try the ones you have been to. We haven’t been disappointed. Looking forward to a girls night out this weekend. I will definitely let you know what we think of their meals and if they are as good as they sound on their website.

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Ooo if you are taking your mother inlaw, I would recommend Baduzzi – she would be impressed :p, I quite like that place if you want to win some ‘brownie points’. I took my mum there once and she quite liked it, trying a few dishes out since we ordered a few dishes to share.

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