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www.misopeckish.comEver since coming back from Shanghai, I have always been craving for fried dumplings that you get at the famous Yang’s Fried Dumplings.  It was recently when I was walking down Dominion Road looking for some where to eat when I saw Jolin Shanghai offering a small selection of dumplings which included the much craved for dumpling the pan fried dumplings.

Jolin Shanghai is one of the cleaner restaurants/takeaway places I have been into on
Dominion Road, which was nice to see.   The menu is in both English and Chinese, so you do not need to worry not be able to communicate with the staff as the one who served us spoke very good English.

Fried Dumplings – took a fair while to cook, without having access to the kitchen I was not sure whether these are made fresh to order.  8 pieces for $8 was reasonable.

The skins were much thicker than I had like and much harder that Yang’s Fried Dumplings and not as juicy.  most of the buns had a bit of juice in side but not all of them.  this is the first time in which my mum had tried these dumplings out and she was much impressed with them.. well when I asked her if she liked it she said yes.

Even though I know she was getting full from eating all the ‘bread’ she kept forcing herself to eat it.   – my mum is pretty old fashioned, does not let things go to waste  even if she is fairly full she will force her self to eat it.  I must admit, the pork mince that was used is t not the leanest, as I could clearly see the fat parts of the meat and decided to close my eyes and ignore it.

Xiao Long Bao – good but not great.  The skins were fairly thick and tough.  As the dumplings got colder the skins also got harder.  Not a lot of juice inside these dumplings but enough to warrant their names as xiao long boa’s


It was good to experience these much missed Shanghai dumplings, though I would not be running back any time soon.

Location:   248 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland

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7 Responses to Jolin Shanghai

  1. Margaret says:

    Do you eat with your mum a lot? what are her types of tastes. Would be great to hear what she likes and enjoys the most too. Let us know how your taste and her taste compare. Does she live in Wellington and travel around the world with you too?

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Not at all. I only take her out for brunch. I know she likes her eggs benedict and no one else (siblings) would take her out to Cafe etc. She lives in a different city. She has simple tastes. She probably has not tasted 1/4 of the foods I have eaten and when I do take here to somewhere different she is indifferent with no opinion. I guess she is just happy that she gets taken out other than Chinese to be honest haha.

  2. Melmel says:

    Talking about eggs… Have you tried those eggs with a little chick inside? You seem pretty adventurous with your food! :)

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I would love to try it.. but to be honest I have never seen them in my travels.. It is the same with all those fried bugs etc… saw them everywhere the first time I was in Bangkok, but then never really saw them again. Have you tried them?

  3. hurly says:

    I know a place that do those egg/chickens. Let me know if you want to try them in your next travels to Auckland. Although it is quite secretive, but they are amazing. The slightly runny soft center is the best.

  4. hurly says:

    They are meant to be good for you health wise! According to popular Vietnamese belief, these eggs are a nutritious and a restorative food

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