Dragon Bowl

www.misopeckish.comNot being able to have good quality ramen in Wellington I thought I would go have some ramen at a place that I have yet to visit.  Since I was already on Dominion Road, I decided to go to Dragon bowl which (to my knowledge) was the only ramen place located along Dominion Road

We had just had some dumpling at Jolin Shanghai but was not feeling awefully satisfied I decided to order a small bowl of ramen and some goyzas to share.


Dragon Bowl offers a good selection of ramen from each of the different regions of Japan.  The menu does explain the difference if you are unfamiliar of the different ramen from each region.

Nagoya Miso Tonkotsu Ramen – Pork and Miso soup base.   the ramen came out in no tie.   it came with two very very fatty and thin slices of char su pork and one pice of boiled chicken, couple of bamboo shoots and lots of spring onions.


The ramen noodles were the thin noodles which I liked but the noodles were over cooked to my liking – slightly to soggy.

The broth is the most important part of the dish, which I found did not have a good depth of flavour than I had anticipated.  which let the entire dish down.

Goyza – pork and cabbage goyza, tasted exactly the ones that my mum makes at home but Chinese version.   I thought they were pretty good $6 for 6 pieces were moderately priced.


Complimentary Ice Cream was unexpected, but appreciated.   The ice cream was mums favourite flavoured ice cream – Tip Tip French Vanilla.


Some highlights and low lights.  Though I do not think I will be returning here for ramen, as there are other places in Auckland that serves better ramen at the same prices.

Location:  555 Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland

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