Best Ugly Bagels – Newmarket

www.misopeckish.comEver since Al Brown moved up to Auckland, he has seem to be creating a number of eateries  with a North American focus and one of those eateries is Best Ugly Bagels which are Montreal style bagels.

Wellington has something similar called Wholly Bagels, but uses New York style bagels.   the difference between the two are: The New York-style bagel has more girth and a smaller central hole, meaning that there is more overall surface area on the bagel for whatever your smear-of-choice is.  New York bagels are slightly smaller than their American brethren, and thinner

It s a shame that Wellington does not have best Ugly Bagels, perhaps because we already have Wholly Bagels, which uses New York style bagels.

I have noticed the menu has increased in price since they first opened, which includes spreads, vegetarian topped or classics which is generally a meat topped bagel all toasted and made to order.

T.A.B –  Tomato, avocado, basil & lemon fennel olive oil was nice and fresh.  The bagel itself was chewy and slightly crispy on the outside.  Best when it is served warm.

Best Ugly’s hand-shaped  bagels—so called because of their rustic, uneven look—are then cooked in a pot of water with honey, before being baked in their wood-fired oven. I was handed a sesame-coated one, just pulled from the heat, and it was softer and sweeter than other bagels I have eaten, with a beautiful shiny and golden crust.  It tasted and smelt fantastic.

Definitely would love to come back to try other flavours.

Location:  3A York St, Newmarket, Auckland

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