Charlie and George Cafe

www.misopeckish.comNot having seen my mum for a bit, I decided to give my mum a call if she wanted to go out for brunch as we were passing through.  I know my mum loves her eggs and since no one takes her out to cafes except me, so I thought I would give her a treat. 

We decided to head out to Charlie and George out in Mt Wellington – a cafe which I have not visited and was willing to try something new.

We were one of the first people to arrive at cafe.   Charlie and George Cafe has a light and modern feel to it, with large floor to ceiling windows on three sides to the cafe.   There are plenty of parking spaces nearby of which most f them are 30 minute time slots. but at that time of the morning there were not a lot of cars and we parked ourselves there for 1.5 hours as we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.

Long Macchiato – Coffee beans are Kokako, an Auckland based coffee roaster.   This is my first decent coffee in a month and was much welcomed.  however it could have done with a  pretty picture on the top like the flat white.

Flat White – Nice pretty picture which I have not seen in a long time since being back in New Zealand and was very welcoming.  Mr Wasabi did not enjoy the coffee as much – but he is fussy.  I thought it was fine.

English Breakfast – it was nice to see that the tea pot came with a tea cosy to keep the tea warm

Strawberry and White Chocolate Brioche – fresh out of the oven, I took the liberty in ordering the strawberry since it is summer and it is nearing the end of the berry season.   Even though the brioche dough was soft and airy, I was  disappointed with the filling, it was more like a sweet jam type substance than a delicious chunky strawberry filling.

Corned Beef and Agria Hash (gf) With two soft poached eggs and spicy tomato hollandaise – was interesting.. was actually expecting more corned beef that what actually arrived, chunky bits of potato mixed with mashed potatoes and small slithered bits of corned beef made up two tubes of  hash cakes.

Good cafe with service to suit.  I would not mind  returning if i was ever in the neighbourhood but not drive across town specifically.

Location:  40 Stonefields Ave, Stonefields, Auckland

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