Zany Zeus

www.misopeckish.comSome of you may have heard of the branded cheese named Zany Zeus that produces a range of cheese products in New Zealand, namely their feta cheese, halloumi and riccotta to name a few of their products.

I just recently found out that they had a store selling a selection of their products as well some some sweet and savoury counterfood items.  I decided to give this place a try after having heard great things about this place.

Zany Zeus offers a handful of tables in which you can dine in.  It is the sort of place to come for morning tea or afternoon tea offering a selection of counterfood items, ice cream and coffee.

We ordered a couple of things to share.

Lebanese Custard with Orange Blossom Sauce – large portion of custard served with a good drizzling of Orange Blossom.  the custard was light with a similar texture to a panacotta but a lot less creamy.   the top of the custard was sprinkled with chopped pistachio.,which I quite liked but Mr Wasabi who is not a nut fan thought otherwise.


Halloumi Sandwich – was delicious.  The ciabatta was served was extremely soft and served warmed with freshly grilled halloumi.

The sandwich may looking boring but everything else was just perfect.  Who says simply food cannot be delicious? I certainly was not complaining with the amount of halloumi that was in the sandwich either.  At $5 for the sandwich I was in heaven.  I just wish that Zany Zeus was in the city, so I could go there more often for these delicious sandwiches.

Apple Pie – the pastry was very flaky, the pie filling containing a lot of thinly slice apple and sultanas was delicious, especially when it was warmed.


Zany Zeus is a great little cheesery serving up some delicious counterfood items aswell is their irresistible halloumi sandwich.

Location:  149 Randwick Rd, Moera, Lower Hutt, Wellington

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