Rams Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comPeople kept saying I should visit Rams Restaurant on Cuba street for their dumplings, but never paid attention to them as they were my Caucasian friends, and when would an Asian listen to a Caucasian about Chinese food?  never!

I was walking past the other day on my way to fields when i saw this eye catching poster of their dumplings that can be served in a variety of ways, boiled, pan fried, Chilli oil or salad.  With a mouth watering picture of dumplings in chilli oil which looked pretty good and I told myself that I should give this place a try.

Lunch Special – Dumplings in Chilli Oil – good variety of dumplings to chose from.  I was luckily enough to be able to select 3 different kinds of dumplings



Chicken and Mushroom – very light in flavour and barely saw any mushrooms. to be honest I was not to sure whether it was pork or chicken that I was eating, especially when the dumplings where being scooped out from the bowl of chilli oil.

Pork and Chives – The inclusion of chives can sometimes overpower the dumpling, however there was just the right amount of chives in these dumpling to give it the flavour without overpowering the dumpling

Pork and Prawn – very little prawn in the dumpling of the five that I had ordered i managed to find one small piece of a shrimp in one of them.

All and all the dumpling skins had the right thickness and the filling itself was fairly juicy and not too tightly packed.



The chilli sauce was not very spicy as I was hoping it to be, this is due to the fact that they cater toward the local taste buds.  So next time I will have to remind myself that I should order this idsh to be more spicy.  It had a sour salty flavour to it. as if vinegar was included  There was definitely a lot of garlic and corrinader in amongst the sauce, and if you are not a keep garlic person, I would suggest you tell them to hold back the garlic a bit.   As I know have quite a bad garlic breath

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