Six Barrel Soda

www.misopeckish.comAfter having a milk shake from the delicious Burger Burger in Auckland I was on a high to find something similar in Wellington.   I headed to Six Barrel Soda & Co to check out their milk shakes.

You can see in to the kitchen and if you came here during the week day, you would be able to see the staff at work making the various flavoured syrups.

Six Barrel Soda Co. has a small dining area where you can enjoy your chosen beverage along with your small snack overlooking Te Aro Park and Dixon Street.

Most of what is on offer here is various drinks made from Six Barrel Soda & Co house made syrup.  Yes, this is also the place where they made the soda syrups.   The only food offerings are hot chips.

I tried to order a Malt Shake, but was informed by the staff member then they had ran out of Malt powder.  I decided to order the Strawberry Tart Shake.  Thinking that there would be a thick layer of syrup smothered around the class as per Burger Burger’s shakes.

Strawberry Tart Shake – the shake was basically colourless and had very little or shall I say a mild strawberry flavour to it.  All I could take was creaminess.   It was not as cold as I would have hoped it to be either.   Very disappointed in the shake to be honest and at $8 I think there are better shakes around.

I do not think I will be rushing back any time soon for a shake here or at least a Tart Strawberry shake.

Location: 1 Eva St, Te Aro, WEllington

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