L’Affaire est Ketchup

www.misopeckish.comL’Affaire best Ketchup was recommended to me by my friend S who lives in Los Angeles who apparently saw this place on a TV program and suggested that I make a trip to this place.  Since Quebec City is fairly small and we had already visited the old town, we decided to spend half day out in Saint Roch.

I was charmed by the simple rustic décor, featuring brick walls and recycled wood, and I immediately liked the rowdy tavern feel of the place.  We managed to get a seat without making a reservation and got a seat at the front next to the window.

The restaurant’s menu is written on a blackboard that servers carry around the restaurant, is composed of petites patentes (snacks), patentes (appetizers), machins (mains) and gros machins (large mains to share). Because each dish is described in just 3–4 words on the blackboard, explanations are necessary and the servers’ performance while doing so has become the signature of the restaurant.

Food is cooked on two electric stoves like those found in your own home to serve the eight tables that they have.

Champignons – sautéed of mixed mushrooms w bacon topped with Parmesan.  sauteed assortment of mushrooms with bacon and then topped with Parmesan and baked until the Parmesan is crunchy.  Warm delicious woody flavour.


Salad de Couteaux – razor clam salad – was not what I was expecting. Was expecting some green leaves and whole razor clams, this was not the case.  It was served on two ‘raw’ streaky bacon which is then topped with sweet chopped razor clams and spring onions, drizzled with olive oil. this was different and interesting in terms of using ‘raw’ bacon and no salad.  Apart from this the flavours worked well together.


Demi Poulet – chicken on parsnip puree with a foie gras sauce.  The dish is as described. the chicken which consisted of half a breast, and a leg was cooked perfectly – not to dry.  The foie gras sauce was light in flavour which did not overpower the chicken but definitely welcoming as I do miss my foie gras which you cannot get back home in Wellington.


Small restaurant serving simple home style food.  Just beware that your clothes will smell of geese from the kitchen which I hate, which I am now airing out my clothes.  Even though we did not order to much but after adding a couple of drinks, our meal came out fairly expensive.  Service is friendly, attentive and honest.  The staff were more than happy in describing the menus to us in more detail, and the fact I had left my camera there, I was able to return the following evening to pick it up.

Location:  2, rue St-Joseph Ouest, Québec City, Quebec, Canada

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