Yum Cha @ Majestic Cuisine Revisited

www.misopeckish.comIt has been a while since I had some good quality yum cha, we decided to head to Majestic for some delicious morsels for brunch.  Check out my previous review here.

I had planned that if we had to wait, we would go elsewhere,  however arriving just after 11am, there were a number of tables free, and were seated in no time.


Dish started to come left right and centre, but all I was wanting was some BBQ Pork Bun and  Durian mochi which I have been craving for, for some weeks now.

Beef Spare Ribs – Mr Wasabi was commenting how good these were, very tender beef.   If you look carefully they trim part of the meat off the bone, making it easy for you eat the meat off the bone.


Prawn and Chive Dumplings – thin, transulcent skin holding chopped prawns and chives.   I love chives, but Mr Wasabi is not a huge fan of it, but commented these were pretty good, as it was not unindated with chives.


Vegetarian Rice Rolls –  I love mushrooms and these vegetarian rice rolls hadd a number of different types of mushrooms, from shitake, straw mushrooms and ear fungus along with grated carrot.  The skins were slightly bit to thick for my liking, but otherwise quite a good rice roll.  I would have loved it if they had poured more sauce over there thought.


Sui Mai – there were one whole prawn stick out of the sui mai that I had,  chunky bits of meat, but not as succulent as other dim sum places in Wellington.


BBQ Pork Buns – these were just the right size. the bread had the right amount of thickness to the amount of bbq meat.  I must admit the bun had good quality meat, other place the buns are tend to be filled with thick gravey, onions with very little meat and lot of fat.  These were the opposite with the right amount of gravy, very very little amount of fat, and I saw no onion as filler.


Portuges Egg Tarts – Looked good.  I had asked the waitress whether they were hot, she said yes, when I picked it up it was cold.  very dissapointed to be honest that the waitress lied to me.   The portugese egg tart was not as good as it looked.  The custard was not as silky smooth as I was hoping it to be, and it was awfully sweet.


Durian Mochi – Best durian mochi in New Zealand (well at least the places I have been to).  There is no cream in these as fillers, but nothing but pure durian, wrapped in a thin mochi casing.   Some people are put of by the strong smell of durian, but I love the creamy texture of these.


Majestic is one of the better yum cha places in Wellington, however this is not the cheapest of yum cha places either, but prices does reflect the quality and taste that you get from these delicious morsels.

Location:  11 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington

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4 Responses to Yum Cha @ Majestic Cuisine Revisited

  1. Sui wai says:

    Tis time the rice roll to fick, and last time you tried they were too fin, not sure what you finking and what you are liking. I like the rice roll here, you should try more first.

    • MisoPeckish says:

      I hope I have interpreted your comment correctly, that you like thick rice rolls? Everyone has their personal opinion and this is mine – I prefer a thin pastry.

  2. Sui wai says:

    las time you saw to fin

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