Chez Ashton

www.misopeckish.comChez Ashton is a popular fast food restaurant in Quebec, Canada famous for its poutine, offering a small number of variations as well as burgers and subs.

With a number of outlets throughout Quebec, you can be sure to turn up without any seating issues etc.   During the winter time, they do offer a promotion on the Poutine, where the price of the poutine drops according to the temperature eg. if the temperature is -21 degrees like it was today, then there is a 21% discount.

Poutine can be ordered in three sizes small, medium and large.  We opted for a medium to share.  Good ratio of gravy and cheese curds to the fries.  The fries were slightly crispy  Outstanding. Thick and unctuous, velvety, almost creamy. Not too salty with flavourful undertones of fresh veal stock.  It squeaks, since they only use cheese made on the same day. Chunks are usually of a decent size and portions are sufficient.

Chez Ashton Burger – double beef patty with the usual suspect of lettuce, tomato and onions with Chez Ashton’s special sauce.

The bun itself was very buttery, differentiating itself from other burger joints.  The burger itself tasted quite nice.  the only down side was the thickness of the beef patty, being very thin.


Location:  54 Côte du Palais, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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