Blue Bottle Coffee

www.misopeckish.comBlue Bottle Coffee is one of the more popular coffee bean roasters and cafes in San Francisco.  We first encountered them on a previous visit to San Francisco in the Ferry Terminal Building.   There is, always see a queue of people lining up to order a cup of coffee at their Ferry Terminal Building outlet any time of the day, where it can take you in excess of 30 minutes to get a coffee.   The Ferry Terminal Building outlet is more of a  takeaway place with a a handful of seating along the bar that also serves a small amount of takeaway salads etc,  but their primary existence is to serve good quality coffee.

We had visited  Blue Bottle kiosk in the Westfield Shopping mall food court,  where I saw Blue Bottle Coffee sign  which is part of Caffe Central.  I had no issues getting my coffee here as there was queue and I did not have to waste my time lining up just to get an espresso coffee.

I not to sure what all he hype is all about with his coffee store. When you compare the coffee  with that made back home in Wellington.   Though I must admit any espresso coffee  in the US is better than the usual filtered coffee that you get in most places and it certainly beats Star Bucks coffee any day of the week.

They do offer a selection of different brews which I have not heard of and had to ask for an explanation on some of the types they had on offer.  I ended up getting a cold coffee as I was hot and thirsty and wanted a good quencher.

New Orleans Iced Coffee – espresso coffee served with ice and bit of milk.   This was tasteless and had to add  additional sugar syrup to it.  I am not usually one to have sugar with my coffee but for iced coffee I made an exception.   Coffee was ok, it was exactly as described.

If you are after a good espresso coffee and do not want to queue, then give this place a try.  You can also enjoy a meal at one of the many food outlets in the Westfield food court.

Location:  865 Market Street, San Francisco, United States

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