Great Eastern Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comIt is so frustrating travelling with Mr Wasabi sometimes.  He was talking about getting some Chinese, as to be honest have not had any for the last month.   I knew from previous experience dim sum in San Francisco is fairly average, or the fact that we never choose a good restaurant as there are so many Chinese restaurants to choose from it is quite hard to determine which one is the better one.  We ended up going to the Great Eastern restaurant which was just around the corner from the hotel were staying at.

We did not realise until we arrived that Barrack Obama had dined here in 2012 where he had ordered half the menu.   Great Eastern must be on back of the band wagon.   this was an encouraging sign that this place could be pretty good without the price tag to match and the fact that Old Cantonese people were also dining here.  I would not even attempt to try if I did not see any Chinese dining here.

We arrived pretty early in the morning so did not have to wait for a table to be come available.


We were given a menu where you had to tick the dishes that you wanted, and proceeded to order a few dishes to try.   There was a long wait before our first dish arrived, I was about to enquire about our dishes, when they started to to appear one after the other.

Prawn & Coriander Dumpling – the pastry was relatively thick.  The filling was made from prawn mince and chives.  I would much prefer a combination of prawn mince and whole or chopped prawns.

Sui Mai – had this off brown colour to the meat.  I was thinking was this meat ‘off’ before it was even steamed?  It did taste better than it looks.

Beef Ribs – As to be expected in terms of looks and flavour, though the portion of meat to fat and gristle was 50/50.

Fried Chive Dumpling – was interesting as I had not seen this before, or the fact that I do not tend to order deep fried dishes when out at yum cha.  These clearly had to be made on the fly.  The pastry was thin and crispy giving just enough hold to house the chive and pork filling.  These came out pipping hot, where I managed to burn the top of my mouth.

The fried chive dumpling was perhaps the highlight from this yum cha expedition.

Location:  649 Jackson Street, San Francisco, United States

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