Super Duper Burger

www.misopeckish.comSuper Duper Burgers is a small chain that originated from San Francisco.  Their menu is fairly basic offering a small handful of burgers being hamburgers, vegetarian burger or a chicken sandwich with a number of sides with their tag line “Fast food burgers…slow food values”

A simple menu is always the best as it does not confuse the customers.  with patties made of fresh-ground Niman Ranch beef. You can order this beef as a four-ounce ‘Mini’, or an eight-ounce ‘Super Duper’ (two Mini patties stacked on top of each other)

I ordered a burger and a side of fries to share with Mr Wasabi who was wanting something fast.  As I placed the order, I was asked how we would like our patties to be cooked.  I stated I wanted mine to be medium rare where it was still pink in the middle.

Each burger is made to order unlike McDonalds where burgers are made in bulk which are then put into a warmer for an x length of time.

When you place an order, you are asked how you would like your patty cooked.  I asked for it to be medium rare, as I love my meat patty to still be pink in the middle.  You are given this beeper that vibrates and lights up when your order is ready, where you take it to the counter in exchange for your order.  There was a short wait before our better was activated.

Super Duper Burger w Cheese – the Super Duper burger consists of two meat patties, lettuce, onions and tomato on a toasted sesame seed bun from La Boulange.  Cheese, avocado, bacon, egg, mushrooms etc were at an additional charge.   A burger is not a burger without the addition of cheese, as the cheese takes the burger up a level.


I must say these were the best burgers we have had on our trip, not that we have had many burgers nor am I a burger connoisseur.     The only down side was the meat patties, they were not medium rare as I could not see any pink in the pattie.  They were slightly over done for my liking but aside from that these burgers were perfectly seasoned with the right amount of sauce and vegetables. the meat patties stretched tot he rim of the burger buns.  The buns were nice and soft.   the burgers itself had the right amount of sauce and seasoning.  Plus 1 and I shared one burger between us.  After a bite I immediately drew up a conclusion that these burgers were much better than the pearls gourmet burgers that we had the previous day.    I think this burgers are on par with Rockwell and Sons burgers that I had during Wellington on a Plate last year.

Fries – good sized fries with a  combination of crispy and slight soggy fries  which came skin-on giving it a nice rustic feel to the fries which I love.  Mustard, tomato sauce and gherkins are available next to the drinks machine as a help yourself

Service was efficient and informative.  Staffer were very friendly and did not mind me taking pictures of them in action.  They even offered to pose for me.   I walked in with no appetite, but after that first bite, I was hooked and wanted to order another burger.   But I thought the better of it, since I had a long haul flight ahead of me where I will be feed very well.

If you are after a good, reasonably price burger, I would recommend Super Duper burger to you.  As I write this review, I just cannot stop thinking of this burger.  I can remember each mouthful that I took.

Location: 721 Market St, San Francisco, United States

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