Au 1884

www.misopeckish.comWe first encountered Au 1884 when visiting the famous and most photographed hotel the Château Frontenac aka Fairmont Hotel in the Old Town of Quebec City.  Which coincidently sells the tickets to the famous and oldest toboggan slide which was erected in 1884.  Au 1884 offers top quality foods produced in Québec. The menu includes a nice selection of fresh sandwiches, prepared dishes, seasonal soups and salads, light snacks, homemade sweets, dainties, Italian gelato and soft ice cream, as well as coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso and homemade hot chocolate. A wide array of local flavours to try!

We purchased a ticket that includes one ride and a hot chocolate

The slide will undoubtely make you feel emotions as you get to speed up to 70 km / hour
down the hill. As long as Mother Nature cooperates, the three aisles of ice will be available from mid-December until mid-March or even later, if weather permits. With up to four passengers per toboggan, be sure to hold on tight to your hats, down you go!

An historical character will also interact with the public and offer an interpretation of the toboggan on an occasional basis.

Hot Chocolate – good thick sweet hot chocolate that is very welcoming on a very cold winters day.

Long Black – I opted for a long black over a hot chocolate just because I knew I would not be able to  finish the hot chocolate and I could always take s ip from Mr Wasabits hot chocolate.  Coffee is not the best that I have had but was good enough.


Location: 1 Rue des Carrieres, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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