Chez L’Autre

www.misopeckish.comHaving discovered Chez L’Autre the night before as we were walking back to our hotel, we stopped to see what they had to offer for lunch and dinner.   There were a few dishes in which Mr Wasabi and I were more than happy to eat and the prices were not expensive at all, as their main dishes here under $20.  Chez L’ute is part of the Theatre Capitole where it has hosted nearly a centuries worth of entertainment.

We arrived late in the lunch hour as we decided to go ice skating at the Plains of Abraham.  Chez L’autry is a large modern and clean restaurant that is attached to the xxx theatre.  No reservations were required (at least for us in the middle of winter).   As with many other restaurants around Quebec City, Chez L’Autre offered a set lunch menu in which Mr Wasabi took advantage of, I on the other had opted for a’la carte as we were leaving Quebec later this afternoon and it would be the last time for some time that I would have foie gras, as it is banned back home.

As we placed our orders, we informed the Matrie’d that we were in a rush as we had to catch a plane.

French Red Wine – Chateau Timberlay – French Red is fairly hard to get hold of in New Zealand and since we were in the French part of Canada, I took the liberty in order a nice full bodied red wine.    One of the reasons why I like French red is the oaky flavour that you get from the wine being aged in oak barrels.   Definitely kept me warm on this cool afternoon.

Complimentary Bread – Fresh, warm breads were provide.  Going with traditional french breads, the outside was crusty with a soft warm centre.  Definitely one of my favourite types of breads.



Sauteed Foie Gras –  two pieces of foie gras nicely seared served with baby bulb onions, preserved sweet pear and peach slices.  the sweetness of the pear and peach balanced the rich fattiness of the foie gras.

Duck Leg Confit, Curly Lettuce, Sarladaise Potatoes – It has been a while since I last last had a confit duck.  Nicely confit as the meat pulled away from the bone very easily as soon as I poked my fork into it.   Definitely did not need a knife to eat it.

The Sarladaise potatoes were potatoes cooked in duck fat. The potatoes looked golden and crispy and I was ready to dig my fork into them.  Unfortunately they were not crispy and was slightly disappointed by its looks.

Creme Washington – cream corn soup that is not contain cream but more like a pureed corn soup.  Simple yet delicious and definitely something that warms your stomach on a cold day.

Onglet de Boeuf – similar to a flank steak but tender like  a beef fillet.  We were not asked how we would like this beef cooked. it came out perfectly cooked to how Mr Wasabi wanted it.  Lightly seared on the outside where it was still pink in the middle, leaving to fairly tender.   This was accompanied with french fries which were fairly average as they were fairly soggy.  *Mr Wasabi Recommended Dish*

Chocolate Cake –  I must admit that was a good choice for Mr Wasabi’s  set lunch as the other choice was fruit.   I was expecting a rich chocolate cake, but this was better and it looked as good as it tastes also.  The chocolate cake was made up of chocolate sponge layers filled with chocolate mouse and ice cream in between the layers then topped with this maple jelly like substance as a finish.   Oh this has to be one of the best desserts I have had in recent times.   Light, and not too rich.

This would have to be one of the better places we have dined at while in Quebec City.  Mr Wasabit was commenting that if we had dined at this place earlier, we would have come back for more.  Good efficient service.  The Matrie’D certainly took note that were were in a rush and we managed to finish our meal under and hour giving us just enough time catch a taxi to the airport for our flight.

Location:  964 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, Canada

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