www.misopeckish.comWandering around with my brother and his family for dinner originally hoping that we could get a seat a table at The Crabshack, unfortunately there was no availability and the wait was 2 hours in which my brother did not want to wait as long as the children would be throwing their arms up in the air.

My brother decided to head to Portofino, an Italian restaurant which was a few doors down from Crabshack.

Portofino is not my first choice if I did get to choose, as most times that I have walked past, there tends to be very few people dining here, which I am surprised as it still survives on its own.


Having has had a large serving of Lasagne the night before I was fairly pasta’d out.   Looking up and down the menu for something light which looked tempted proved difficult.  I decided on the Fish of the day – though it was dependent on the type of fish.   When i had asked one of the waiters, they told me it was Hoki.  I gulped, Hoki at $34 especially when Hoki is one of the cheapest fish you can buy.  It definitely was not worth $34 so I decided to pass on the fish.   I was the last one to put my order in and made a haste decision and ordered a rib eye steak.

Rib Eye Steak  – was expecting the steak to be one piece but it came out as 4 small pieces.  I was thinking to myself what is this? the off cuts?  I had ordered my steak medium rare.  It came out well done!  The waiter never came and asked us how our food was until the end when we was clearing our plates.   With a happy expression he asked me how was it, I told him exactly what I though – Very Average, and the fact that I could cook this better at home.   The expression on his face was amusing.  The steak was topped with a lot of thinly sliced mushrooms and bacon with a cream sauce which to me was a concoction of a cabonara sauce.   This dish was definitely not my favourite  and the fact that I could have cooked something better at home.



Veal Escalope with Marsala Sauce –  was a very very thin piece of over cooked veal  that has no flavour what so ever with this disgusting marsala sauce which had no oomp or depth of flavour.  This would have to be the worst dish I have ever had.   My 13 year old niece would be able to make a better veal  than this.


Our golden rule to dining is that if we do not like our mains, we would definitely not have dessert as it will also be a disappointment.  Food is here expensive and disgusting.  There are definitely better Italian place and other eateries around that would take much better.

Do not bother wasting your time and money here.  You are better off eating elsewhere.  Mr Wasabi did not even finish half of his veal escalope, it was that bad and vowed never to return again – I totally agree

Service is very slow here, even when you frantically wave your arm in the air like a lunatic, you would not get their attention.

Location: 33 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

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