Egmont St. Eatery – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comIn my last review I told you that I was very impressed with the food at Egmont St. Eatery that I would take Mr Wasabi.  Well I kept my word and decided to come here for brunch which was more like breakfast as Egmont St. Eatery serves breakfast until 11.30am.

Again, we managed to walk in without having to wait for a table.   And again a small selection of delicious counterfood  caught my eye on the bar counter.   I managed to chain myself to the table, preventing me from over ordering like I did last time, as these definitely looked tempting.

As I did not show you pictures of the restaurant in my previous review I thought I would take some and show them here.

Flat White – There is nothing better than to start the day with a nice coffee.  Coffee beans by People’s Coffee, unfortunately there was no art on the coffee and very bubbly as you can see.   I personally found the coffee to be slightly bitter.

Egg Omlette with Pork Fresh Greens and XO Sauce –   I never thought that XO sauce would actually go well with egg, I was truly mistaken.   Not really being a fan of fusion food as flavours never seem to work, Mr Wasabi and I thought this dish was really good.  the omelette itself had some fresh greens (broccolini) and thinly sliced crispy roast pork folded into the middle of the omelette which was then topped with some prawns and XO Sauce is definitely different to your usual bacon and eggs big breakfast that most cafes would serve.  *Mr Wasabi recommended dish*

Good combination of ingredients and flavours make up this dish.  I have had my fair share of XO Sauce in my life an have on the odd occasion paid $50 for a small bottle of good XO sauce and I know my XO sauces.   I  must admit the flavours to this XO sauce if fairly authentic and was impressed that this was made inhouse.   XO sauce is widely used in Cantonese cuisine as a condiment.  It is usually made from chilli, oil, dried scallops.  It is not meant to be be a spicy condiment but provides the right balance between spicy and savoury.

Mr Wasabi originally ordered the flank steak with black pudding and pide, but changed his mind after the neighbouring table had ordered it.   It turned out to be everything sandwiched into a pide, where as both Mr Wasabi and I thought everything would be separate as there was nothing on the menu saying it was sandwiched or open sandwich. Luckily the kitchen had not started our dish, so we changed it to the potato hash

Potato Hash with Slow Egg and Pork and Fennel Sausage – chunky potatoes served with what I was expecting to be evenly cut slices of sausage, but what came out was more of chunks of mince sausage meat. with a very runny poached egg on top.   the combinations were nice. especially when you come to break the egg to act as a saucing agent for the potato sausage hash.

Mr Wasabi was very impressed with this dish that he was more than willing to return back in the near future.     He even suggested which I also agree that the pricing structure makes the meals value for money and it will only be time before you will see an increase to the prices (which I will be sad about when that time comes).   Even though Egmont St. Eatery has just opened it will be a matter of no time before patrons will need to start queuing for a space.   Dear readers, if you can do me a favour and keep this place quiet so I can have this place all to myself that would be appreciated :)

Location:  15-21 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington (Entrance on Egmont St)

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