www.misopeckish.comEuropea was established in  2002 serving up dishes that is a far cry to the dishes that he is producing today, which makes Chef Jérôme Ferrer one of the top chefs in Montreal.   The new premises spans over three stories, offering an elegant and airy atmosphere, decorated with steel-grey walls, dark wood floors, black leather chairs, chandeliers and contemporary art.

We were warmly welcomed and escorted to our awaiting table immediately. Where we were offered water along with the drinks and dinner menu.

Opted for the signature degustation as I wanted to try more than a couple of dish and this was the only way to get a sampling of their menu.

Cheese Cigars was served in a humidor box, which – The outer of the cigar was thin and crispy with a soft and delicate centre

Beef Jerky – was served on a minature clothes link which look dainty and at the same time different, interesting and clever.  The flavours were a mixture of sweet, peppery, gooey, and tender

Cheese lollipops w Truffle Popcorn w Dusting of Parmesan – was full of umami.  The melted cheese w herbed feta with the Parmesan made these little light fluffy puffed corn a joy to eat, where I kept attacking them without thinking how much food was going to come.

Parmesan Cheese Straws w Olive Oil – each cheese starw was delicate which held itself together very well. Light and crunchy

Celery Creme truffle Arranchini with Squid Ink – the arranchi was served on a clery root mousaline w truffle. Packed with a olot of uani flavours, thin crsipy outer coating, a good bite sized treat

Lobster Cream Cappuccino w Truffle Puree – very smooth and creamy w small slither of lobster meat throughout.  good p;ortion sized. you would not want to have a larger serving than this as it is fairly rich

Smoked Salmon Cups – We were presented with a wooden box in which we were told to open.   A pume of smoke released itself from the box as we slowly opened the box where we saw our next course.   The salmon had a nice smokey flavour with a hing of sweetnees served ina cup wich looks like a deep fried wonton skin

Line Caught  with Peanut Cream – the dim sum had a thick skin which I did  not enjoy so much, the thick peanut sauce was over powering the flovour of the prawn.  The tuna was very refreshing especially with the inclusion of yuzu sauce which provided a nice sweet flavour.  Though not the best dish of the even but certainly an interesting combination of flavours.

Lemony Calamari Tagliatelle, Poached Quail Egg, Squid in a Garlic Butter Croutons – Quite a delicate dish.  The Calamari was sliced thinly to create a spaghetti texture.   The squid ink croutons provide a nice crunch to the dish, while the caviar provided the popping sensation with each and every bite.  The poached quails egg acted as the saucing agent like cabonara to the tagliatelle calamari   Fairly clever dish I must say.

Palate Cleanser – Ginger, carrot and apple smoothie – freshing and light as you would come to expect from a patele cleanser

Homemade Foie Gras, Crispy Langoustine and Fresh Herbs, Citrus Carmel.  Carrot green Apple and ginger Smootie, Brioche – was more like a selection of finger foods on the plate.  The foie gras was rich and very sickening if eaten by itself, though it went well with the thick sweet sauce.  the smoothie helped to balance the richness of the dish.

Sea Bass Fillet cooked in Hay-Lined Pot.  Beetroot Spaghette, Sorrel Leaves Poached in a grapfruit juice and bood-veined Sorrel – this was quite a sweet dish in comparison the previous dish which was rich and savoury.  We were shown the dish with the cooked hay and then was taken away to be plated up with a few dollops of red beetroot and pear puree/sauce in a grapefruit flavoured sauce.

Palatte Cleanser – Yuzu Sorbet w Green Apple and cucumber – Yuzu foam w a sprinkle of salt on top.  The sorbet itself was very creamy with a very light flavour of yuzu.  the cubumber provided texture to the sorbet.

Scallops with Soy & Sesame sauce on Celery Root Puree and Bok Choy.  – the sweetnes of the caramelised sauce went well wtht he scallop.  The crunch of hte bok choy accomapnied the dish well.  and most of all the scallops were seasoned and cooked perfectly.


Cornish Hen Cooked in a Breakable Clay.  Churred butter Potatoes, salsify and mushrooms, Somked Herbs Gravy  We were given the honour to break the claypot exposing the chicken that was cooked inside.  It was definitely a good gesture to involve the patrons in the preparation of the dish.   The dish looked more like chicken cooked  in a red wine with a crispy skin with a crumble.   The crumble itself gave a nice crunch to the dish.  The beautiful chicken that was cooked in the claypot was exceptionally succulent and full of flavour.  I was more than happy to have more, unfortuntely there was only enough for 2 servings.

Aligot w Quebec Cheese the Chefs Way – I had no idea what this dish was when I read it on the menu.  Thsi turned out to be mashed potatoes topped with three types of cheese foam.  The mash potato was fairly gritty which I did not enjoy as much.

Passport to Sweetness – this was the time where our savoury mains have ended and the start of the sweet endings.   This was a selection of small bite sized sweets which consisted of:

Baby Madelines – were freshly baked and served in a Chinese takeaway noodle box.  These were light bite sized morsels that we only had one of, as we were both full and ended taking the remainder home.

Chocolate Macaroon, Marshmallow and Lemon Curd Shrewsberry Biscuit was perhaps my least favourite item on the dish.

Passionfruit Tart– had the right balance of tart and creaminess,  the sponge biscuit was perfect – not too soft not too crispy.

If that was not enough a Cotton Candy Tree was also provided with a selection of bagged sweets.  We ended up taking home all of the packaged goodies and taking small mouthfuls of the cotton candy.   I must admit, the last time I had cotton candy was when I was a kid visiting the local A&P show.

Chocolate Hazelnut with Popping Candy Praline – took me back to my childhood where I ate mouthfuls of these, enjoying the candy popping into my mouth which made this wonderful crackling/explosion feeling.

I definitely recommend Europea’s degusation menu that allows you to taste a number of dishes on their menu.   You get quite a lot of compliment dishes in between your selected dishes, which some would say is an added bonus.  The staff here are very freindly and professional.  The presentation of the food is somewhat interesting espeically with the beef jerky being served on a miniature clothes line.

Location:  1227, Rue De La Montagne, Downtown, Montreal, Canada

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