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www.misopeckish.comQuebec is perhaps the best and closest place to France outside of Franch to experience French cuisine and one good thing about Quebec is that people speak both French and English.  Knowing the French produces some good quality melt in your mouth patisserie such as the classic croissant, I was in search for a good croissant in Quebec City and Montreal.  I did not manage to make it to all the places I had listed, but managed to try to a small handful of places and some of them were purely by coincidence  when we were in search for coffee or walking past.


Maison Christian Faure $3.50 w jam – nice and puffy looking and uniformly shaped that had a  lot of layers with a nice golden colour.   The croissant had a good airy crumb.   Mr Wasabi had no interest in having a croissant but ordered one to try.   I took a small bite from one of the ends and before I knew it, Mr Wasabi had helped himself to my crossian and smothering it in this delicious thick, sweet home made cases jam of fig and berry.   The jam was complimentary or included in the price of the croissant.  The crescent was both flaky, buttery and melted in your mouth.  If i had more time in Montreal, I would have returned for another croissant.

Location:  355 Place Royale, Montreal, Canada


Pikolo $3.50 –  we stopped by Pikolo for a coffee, which they just so happened to sell a small selection of countered items, of which one was the croissant which looked amazing.  You can see a fair number of layers that make up the flaky pastry which got my eyes fixated and I was not going to leave until I tried one of their croissants.   The exterior of the croissant was nice and golden with lots of layers, puffy and uniformly shaped.  The croissant was good, had a nice airy crumb to it, but was not as crispy or butter as I was expecting.  Though it would have been nice if jam was provided, as I love jam with my croissant.

Location:  3418 Av du Parc, Montréal. Canada


Le Cartett 3.50 w jam – jam was prepackaged jam.  crossiant was soft moving more towards a bread type texture than flaky pastry, which was clearly a different croissant to that on display on the counter in the deli.  Even though it had a good honeycomb crumb, I would not bother with these croissants.  You would be better off ordering something from their a la carte menu, in which I would recommend.

Location:  106 Rue McGill, Montréal, Canada


De Gascogne Patisserie $1.65 –  is a large boullangerie offering a wide selection of sweet and savoury patisserie.  The croissant was not crispy or flaky.  Though it had a good honeycomb centre which was nice and soft.

Location:  237 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montreal, Canada


Au Kouign-Amann $1.35  What this bakery lacks in size, they definitely make up for in flavour and pretty much near-orgasmic croissants. Many a hungover morning have been spent by this guy, walking to the Mont-Royal metro and drowning my woes into a fresh and flaky croissant from AKA on the way. It always helps. They’re menu goes well beyond simple croissants too.

Location:  322 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, Canada


Boulangerie Guillaume $1.25 – salty, not very buttery, however it was soft int he middle and slightly chewy as if the dough had been worked a little to long.  Slightly crispy on the outside

Location:  5132 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada


Fous Desserts $1.85  – is a small quaint bakery that makes croissants that are big on flavour.   From the exterior you can clearly see the many layers that make up this delicious morsel, making it puffy with a nice uniform shape.  Jam was an addition, I opted not to have Jam as I was taking way.

Location:  809 Avenue Laurier E, Montréal, Canada


I do recommend Maison Christian Faure in the Old town or Fous Desserts in Mont Royal as my favourites.   Once you have given one of these croissants a try, you experience butter like never before.  This is not the full extensive list but what I managed to get through in the few days I was in Montreal.  Please feel free to comment below with your favourite croissants in Montreal.

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  1. Estelle says:

    When did you go to this place? I tried to find it last weekend but couldn’t

  2. Estelle says:

    Boulangerie Guillaume

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