La Banquise

www.misopeckish.comWe were seeking somewhere decent to eat the Canadian national dish the Poutine in Montreal and asked the concierge where the best place to go to. He told us to head to La Banquise.

There was a bit of a walk from the nearest metro stop, but that did not stop us.

La Banquise felt like a cross between a diner and a cafe.  Serving a selection of foods including the famous poutine to burgers to various brunch items.

This classic greasy spoon is open 24/7 and boasts a menu with over 30 varieties of the good stuff to choose from, including La Taquise, which’s taken to the next level by sour cream, tomato, and guacamole. But if you’re sparing no expense, the real star is La T-Rex: a massive, meat-laden number topped with ground beef, pepperoni, and bacon.

I was after something simple and only want the classic curds and gravy.   Mr Wasabi and I ordered two small poutines each.

Classique Poutine there was a short wait for the poutine to be made.  The fries were cooked to quite dark but was good as it did soak up a lot of the gravy and the best thing was the hot gravy helped to melt some of the cheese curds.  This was just heaven in a mouthful – putting your waistline to the side.

La B.O.M – Consisting of Bacon, Onions and Merguez sausage – I am not a huge fan adding other items into my poutine. As I prefer the classic of curds and gravy, but Mr Wasabi wanted some sausage.  It was good, but a more savoury flavour with the inclusion of the onions and the sausage.

I must say these are the best poutine I have ever tasted with the exception of the foie gras poutine from Au Pied Au Cuchon  and will use this as the base to judge all other poutines I eat in the future.  The fries are crispy, lots of cheese curds and gravy.  I would hate to think how many calaries are in one of these dishes.

The poutine here will always have a place in my heart and will definitely return the next time I am ever in Montreal.  The staff are freindly and attentive.  If you come during the peak hours, you may need to wait while a table becomes avaiable.

Location:  994, Rue Rachel Est, Montreal, Quebec

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