St-Viateur Bagel

www.misopeckish.comEstablished in 1957 by Myer Lewkowicz who immigrated to Canada from Krakow, Poland from a Jewish Family.  ..

Montreal bagels are smaller, sweeter and more dense than their cousins the ‘New York’ bagels.     Sweeter in terms of being boiled in honey sweetened water.

St Viateur Bagels offers more bagel flavours than their rivals Fairmont bagels which includes plain, poppy seed, sesame seed, cinnamon raisin, flax, all dressed, wholegrain, grain bio, and rosemary all made fresh throughout the day.

St-Viateur has a handful of outlets of which some of them offer a place to sit and eat, unlike Fairmont Bagels which is purely a takeaway outlet.  Please note, each out that has a cafe attached to it offers a slightly different menu and the prices also changes.  Though each outlet bakes the bagels fresh onsite which provides a good show for first timers like myself.

Their menu is fairly extensive and offers more than just bagels (filled or naked) such as salads, desserts, drinks etc.

When you order a bagel you get the option of a side of either, three bean, green artichoke hearts, crab, tuna, pasta, salad of the day which is relatively large.    

Traditional – smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, onions, capers and lemon on a poppy seed bagel.  We ordered this to take away having the ingredients separated for our early train journey so that the bagel does not get soggy overnight.   It was nicely separated and packewww.misopeckish.comd in a polystyrene package.

The following morning I managed to replicate the bagel.  The salmon itself did not have much of flavour – perhaps I am use to manuka smoked salmon from back home.  The poppy seed bagel had a slightly sweet taste on the outside due to it being broiled in honey sweetened water.  The bagel is soft and slightly chewy.  The classic lox is a good combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions and capers.  I was surprised by the amount of smoked salmon we got.   I counted 6 slices –  which was pretty good.  It was enough to make two bagels if i wanted to, but Mr Wasabi was not interested in having one so I piled all the salmon on to my poppy seed bagel.

Plain Rosemary Bagel – I ordered a plain Bagel with butter to eat with my Articoke Heart Salad.

Artichoke Heart Salad was larger than expected, which could have been meal in itself.  I actually had the salad that night, as I did not think it would travel well in a polystyrene container where the dressing will leak out of the container.

We added an additional naked bagel of Rosemary and Sea Salt – which had a good strong flavour of rosemary.  I just wished we had our own kitchen to concoct a filling to fill these bagels with.

The bagels were much softer than those from Fairmont Bagels.   If I lived in Montreal, I certainly will be making a journey to one of the St-Viateur Bagel stores for some naked bagels to take home.

Location:  Various locations.  I visited 1127 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, Canada

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