www.misopeckish.comHaving seen Pikolo on our first night in Montreal on our way to Alto to pick up a late night snack, I thought this would be a nice cafe to stop by another day for a coffee.  And we did so the following day.

The cafe roasts there own beans serving up a variety of coffees.

Filled with chick students, where I felt like an odd ball with my Montreal guide book and DLSR camera.   But that did not deter the service that was offered by the friendly staff when I had asked them a few questions about their  coffee menu as they had a few items which I had not heard of before.

Pikolo Latte – there is something to be said about coffee in Montreal when compared to the coffee back home in New Zealand is that it has a slight ‘sour’ flavour to it.  not sure if it is the water, milk or the coffee beans itself.  where some cafes have this stronger ‘sour’ flavour to it than others.


Croissant – my first tasting of a croissant in Montreal on this trip.  This croissant certainly had the appeal factor to it. where you can clearly see the multiple layers of crispy flaky pastry which caught my eye.   The croissant was just that. crispy and flaky on the outside and with a good soft honeycomb.   Not too buttery.

Great little cafe with a rustic like interior.  Happy to go back

Location: 3418 Av du Parc, Montréal, Canada

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