www.misopeckish.comWe arrived into Montreal later than we had anticipated due to delays with our flights.  It was getting pretty late in the evening and I was after something to eat that was quick, simple and close to our hotel, we were recommended to head to Alto which was located just around the corner from our hotel that was open until 4am.  

Alto is a modern clean diner serving a selection of Italian, Greek and more importantly the famous Canadian poutine which I had been craving for ever since we left New Zealand, as it is very hard to get poutine back home, and the small handful of restaurants that do serve them, do not make them as well as the ones you find in Quebec.

Poutine with Smoked Meat –  we ordered a large to share between ourselves.  it was certainly large and glad we did not order anything else.   The cheese was shredded mozarella not the usual cheese curds you would find in a typical poutine.  It was a bit difficult to eat the poutine with mozzarella due to its web type texture attacking from all sides.  The fries were certainly crunchy when the dish came out but gradually got softer as it soaked up the liquid from the gravy.  I have to admit even though the cheese is not curds, it still beats the poutine you can get back home by a mile.

Cherry Pie – one can interpret a ‘pie’ any way they like.  This was the kind of pie where the filling (in this case cherries) encased in a short buttery casing.   It was served cold.  I was hoping that it would be warmed and then served with a scoop of ice cream.   Mr Wasabi who is a huge fan of cherry anything, even where the cherry tastes artificial.  I on the other hand only enjoy the fresh version.   The pie had good amounts of whole stewed cherries throughout the pie with very little jelly like substance.

Alto is a good place for late night eats, especially if you are arriving into the city fairly late in the evening, offering a good assortment of foods for those looking for a quick but relatively cheap bite to eat.  It was good to try a different ‘version’ of the poutine, in this case the use mozzarella instead of curds, giving the poutine a stretchy and cheesy texture which is reminiscent of a freshly made pizza with lots of mozzarella.

Location:  3462 Av Du Parc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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