Airline Review: Copa Airlines – Panama City to Havana

www.misopeckish.comAnother early morning flight with Copa Airlines, expecting to receive the same hot meal as we had received when we flew from Cancun to Panama City.

We had preassigned to exit isle seats again but informed the check in staff that we had issues sitting in these seats.   And the only seats which were available were the seats directly behind the exit row seats row 19.    The seat pitch is very narrrow where Mr Wasabi’s knees were half way through the seat in front of him.

Bread Roll was cold and hard and I did not even attempt to try it.

Hot Cakes served with a different type of sauce.  these pancakes looked ore fluffy than the ones I had on our previously flight.

Omelette – slightly different to our previous flight.   which was ore like an omelette with melted cheese on top, sausage and fried potatoes.

Even though this plane we flew on was a 767-800, (the same type of plane we flew earlier) each seat had its own entertainment system.  Exactly as per the ones on the United Airlines flight what we flew on from LA to Houston.  Offering a selection of movies, TV programs, music etc.

Again great airline offering a full service.  Especially when you are on an early morning flight where hotel breakfast have not started and you are hungry but there is nothing to eat  and the Copa Airline lounge does not offer a lot of food.

Our flight to Havana flight departed on time.

I flew 737-800 where the seating configuration is 3×3

Flight time: 2.5 hours

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