Cafe el Escorial

www.misopeckish.comCafe El Escorial is set amongst the beautiful Vieja Plaza, serving a selection of small bites, coffee, and desserts.  Mr Wasabi wanted something to drink and to relax.   We were close to Cafe el Escorial that we decided to have a break with a refreshing drink.  The plaza and the cafe has a distinct European feel to it like the piazza’s found in Italy.

There is a selection of sweet desserts inside a cold cabinet which looked appealing but we both were not very hungry so opted for a specialty coffee.

Carajillo – Rum aged for 7 years, coffee nd cream – Bit strong on the rum in which the menta coffee was lacking.























Menta Cafe Helada – coffee, ice cream and reserved rum and mint   I was expecting a scoop of ice cream as opposed to a smoothie where the ice cream had been blended.  good sweet creamy coffee, however I failed to taste the coffee and the rum in amounts the creme and mint.

Prices were reasonable when compared to the xxx bar that we were at earlier.

Location:  Plaza Vieja, San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba

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