Pizza in Havana

www.misopeckish.comAfter a quit visit to a local supermarket to pick up some water, we had a wonder to see what else was on offer.  To be honest not a lot, though now I know why pizza is sold at a lot of places and it is not because for the tourists taste.  The only things you can get at the supermarket is flower cheese and ham. 

We wanted to get something quick for lunch so decided to give one of the local pizza hole in the walls a try.  As with most pizza outlets, ice cream is also sold here.

Cheese and Chorizo – I decided to get a chorizo since we have not had any since being in Cuba and there is something to be said about these.  The bread base was super soft like the breads that we had at Francesca Patisserie.   the chorizo was not as spicy but then again food in Havana is not spicy.    These snack sized pizza were so cheap at 18 National Pesos.

We decided to order another pizza  as the first one was so delicious so we ordered the Pizza Mixta which consisted of Cheese, Chorizo and Ham – same as per the prior but with diced ham.  These are made to order with very little wait time.    The pizza mixta costs 23 National Pesos.

Guavabana Ice Cream – 3 National Pesos tasted more like coconut than it did of gauavabana aka soursop.   I think it is made from coconut milk/cream.   It melted fairly fast in the heat but it was ok.

I wish I had tried these earlier as opposed to on our last visit of the day.  mind you we did visit a store that always had a queue (ever time we walked past)  so we knew the turn over rate was fairly high.   you can peep through the hole behind the counter to see the dough balls at the back and sometimes you can see the pizza being flipped out of their pans ready to be served to the waiting customers.

Location:  Obispo Lane, Havana, Cuba

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