Breakfast @ Casavanacuba – Casa Particular

www.misopeckish.comIf you ever visit Cuba, do not even bother staying at a hotel, as they are very expensive and that you are bAll Tablesetter off finding a local Casa Particular to stay at which is where local residents open up their own homes and rent a room or few out to tourists at a fraction of the price of a hotel room.

That being said we decided to stay at one outside of the Old Havana in Vidado which is the neighbouring suburb to  Central Havana.  Great Location as it is on the Open Top Tourist bus route and various other local transportation routes with views of the ocean, and near panoramic views and beautiful sunsets, you could not ask for more.

As with most Casa Particulars, they offer a good hearty breakfast for an extra charge.  At Casavanacuba (our Casa Particular) the cost of breakfast was 5 Euros wish is roughly what you would pay if you were going to dine outside.  You may perhaps save a couple of pesos if you dined outside. You need to bear in mind most eating establishments do not open until late morning.   Breakfast at a Casa Particular offers a number of courses which includes tea/coffee, plate of fresh fruit, freshly made breads, a trio of sweets which may include, a slice of cake, crepes, biscuit etc that changes daily.

You can have eggs anyway that you want, with a choice of vegetables, cheese, ham etc. and a huge jug of fresh fruit juice.

I am unsure about other Casa Particulars, but with this specific one that we stayed at they made their own juices, breads, cakes etc. themselves.  So you know what you are consuming is very clean, fresh and healthy without preservatives etc.

I fully enjoyed the breakfast here.   It was definitely enough to keep you going through the day and maybe into dinner.

If i ever come back to Havana, I will definitely come back and stay here.  Estella (our host) is very friendly, her English is very good and definitely is willing to help if you have any questions bout Havana or Cuba.  She will endeavour to go out of her way to ensure your stay and breakfast is of top notch.

Location:  Los Presidentes Avenue, #301, Vedado, Havana, Cuba

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